Taduki is a highly addictive narcotic with psychoactive properties. It is obtained from a rare African herb, and is usually imbibed by smoking. Taduki leaves are first ground into a fine powder, then packed into a pipe. Taduki leaves may also be openly burned inside of an open metal container such as a brazier. The vapors produced by the burning leaves provide the same effect as ingesting the drug orally. The side effects of taking taduki includes a heightened awareness and the ability to perceive reality beyond the "Veil of Time". It also granted its users knowledge of their own previous lives via reincarnation.

Throughout the mid-19th century, British adventurer Allan Quatermain frequently consumed the taduki drug, until eventually turning towards the stronger draw of opium. In 1898, one of Allan's close allies Lady Ragnall became the exclusive possessor of the taduki herb. Ragnall's health declined greatly as a result of excessive consumption, and her once-lavish estate fell into great disrepair. Quatermain, having long exhausted his own supply of taduki, came to Lady Ragnall's crumbling castle for more. Ragnall had her maidservant Marisa prepare a fresh batch inside of a brazier. When Allan inhaled the vapors, he found himself propelled into a new reality.

Taduki experienced a resergence in popularity in the London hippie scene in 1969, in the form of pills called "taddies".

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