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Monoliths are a series of mysterious structures similar to rectangular shaped stones of extraterrestrial origin, which in the ancestral past were spread across several planets by an unknown primordial forces.


At some point millions of years ago, an alien race from far beyond the stars began seeding diverse worlds with advanced forms of magnetic computers, with the aim of awakening conscious species, and at the same time serving as surveillance beacons, emitting information about the development of each race. In the solar system, three of these monoliths were placed respectively on the Moon, Jupiter and early Earth.

During the dawn of man, a tribe of primates came into contact with one of the monoliths that arose in their midst. After that, one of them started using bones as weapons to hunt and kill opponents, thus starting the use of tools that would later lead to the construction of human civilization.

Millions of years later, in the classical antiquity, Bio, soon after bathing in the flames of immortality, visited the troglodytes of Abyssinia, having sex with one of them, who in which in turn showed her the remains of the ancestral stone. After touching one of the fragments, the young immortal had several visions of tools, weapons, numbers and fire

In 1964, Mina Murray, along with the Golliwong and her Dutch Dolls were sent by Blazing World to the Moon on a mission to prevent the war between Selenites and Lunites from taking human colonies to the region where another of the monoliths was located, which due to their presence, caused a stable gravitational anomaly, which allowed the Amazon civilization settle there

Decades after that, in 2001, an American research team stationed on the Moon began analyzing a magnetic anomaly buried in the lunar ground, which turned out to be the same monolith that Blazing World sought to hide, which emitted a very radio signal strong towards planet Jupiter.

In 2010, after the Nautilus VIII crew escaped from Earth under the magical apocalypse, Mina and Jack Dakkar witnessed hundreds of thousands of colossal versions of monoliths clustered around Jupiter to transform the gas giant into a second sun that later would be called renamed Lucifer.

Source material[]

The alien monoliths are taken directly from the short story The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarke, as well as the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, by the same author, as well as the homonymous film. It is worth noting that, although the monoliths are described as being made of transparent crystal, the universe of the League seems to follow the representation of the films, showing them as completely black stones that do not project reflections.