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Toby the Fat Schoolboy appears in chapters 2 and 6 of Seven Stars Monthly, the companion story to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume IV: The Tempest.

In 1964, as "a visually spectacular but easily-defeated adversary", Toby was intended as a practice mission for British government-sponsored team the Victory Vanguard. On the suggestion of schoolteacher Jeremy Gunn, whose alter-ego Mr. Apollo had encountered Toby before, MI5 leaked rumours of a colossal tuck-hamper near Vauxhall. The giant Toby arose from the Thames in search of tuck, and devoured an ice-cream van and its contents (including the driver). However, Mr Apollo was prevented from appearing due to a cease-and-desist order from Captain Marvel's lawyers, and M forbade Ace Hart and the Purple Hood from killing twelve-year-old schoolboy Toby due to the poor publicity this would generate. The Seven Stars were forced to intervene, and Zom of the Zodiac transformed Toby into an averagely-proportioned schoolboy, changing his life for the better. To M's chagrin, the Seven Stars received all the good publicity intended for the Vanguard: "My Seven Saviours says Lardy Leviathan" was the Daily Brute headline.

Later, when alien space-fungus the 'Mass was terrorising London, many British superheroes lost their lives and those with nuclear powers could not use them for fear of destroying the whole city. The Seven Stars' leader Vull the Invisible (Mina Murray in disguise) realised that only Toby could save London. Vull and Zom travelled to Toby's school in Tooting, where he agreed to relinquish his new-found popularity and return to his giant size. The Fat Schoolboy attacked the 'Mass with knife and fork, eventually consuming it over the course of several hours. Stomach bloated with thousands of tons of hostile alien fungus, Toby collapsed. Vull thanked the Fat Schoolboy tearfully as he expired from over-eating. Zom then transformed Toby's body into his own monument, the Fat Schoolboy of the North at Fulchester, near Newcastle. Enraged that the Seven Stars had stolen the Victory Vanguard's thunder again, M ensured that the media blamed the Stars for Toby's death, and the team disbanded shortly thereafter.

The Fat Schoolboy of the North was still standing in 2010, when the Vril-ya emerged from their underground realm to overwhelm the Newcastle area, as depicted in Tempest #5.


Mr. Apollo's previous encounter with Toby was depicted in "Mr. Apollo and the Atomic Pills" on pages 7–12 of Cute Fun Album 1953. Toby's giant size was caused by ingesting the titular pills, the invention of Professor Calitrope. The Fat Schoolboy of the North at Fulchester is the League counterpart to Antony Gormley's 1998 sculpture the Angel of the North at Gateshead.