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A Tripod.

Tripods are three-legged walkers created by the "Mollusc". The machines are characterized in having three tall, articulated legs and grouping of long organic-like tentacles, and atop the main body a crest-like head that housed a single Mollusc. The Tripods are equipped with Heat-Rays and baskets for captured humans.

Following the failed invasion of Earth in 1898, many Tripods were wrecked and abandoned in the wake of the deaths of their creators. One Tripod was rebuilt as a monument and children's play area in London's Invasion Memorial Park.[1]

Source material[]

The depiction of the Tripods in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are more organic-looking than in other depictions of The War of the Worlds. Interestingly, in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II, one notable point was made about the Tripod's tripodal structure in having no analog with bipedal or normal quadrupedal locomotion. Edward Hyde, whilst attacking a tripod by clinging on to its leg, asks it "I'm no engineer and correct me if I'm mistaken, but don't you have rather a design flaw in these things? Now, don't get me wrong: God created a lot of useless, stupid-looking things on this world too, but he didn't see fit to make any of them three-legged. Why was that, do you think?"