The Victory Vanguard was a British government-sponsored superhero group created as a rival team to the Seven Stars in 1964.


The Victory Vanguard was created shortly after the public debut of the Seven Stars. Handpicked by British Intelligence led by Harry Lime, the Vanguard enlisted anyone who was available and thus composed mostly of lesser known costumed adventurers and their only superhuman members are Ace Hart and Tommy Walls.

Because of the lackluster members, Harry Lime decided to stage a practice mission for the Victory Vanguard to battle against a easy-to-defeat yet spectacular looking foe, Mr. Apollo's enemy Toby the Fat Schoolboy. However, the mission did not goes to plan: Mr. Apollo was prevented from helping the Vanguard due to legal action for his costume ripping off of a licensed American design, and the Vanguard were unable to subdue Toby without Mr. Apollo's help. Reluctantly, the Vanguard were forced to ask the Seven Stars for assistance in which their member, Zom of the Zodiac, uses his magical powers to transform Toby into a healthy, averagely-proportioned schoolboy. The practice mission became a huge embarrassment for the Vanguard and, as a result, British Intelligence resorted to recruiting a huge number of costumed superheroes to create a super-army to triumph over the Seven Stars.

After MI5 dispatched an army of space-based adventurers in banishing the Seven Stars to another dimension, the now expanded Victory Vanguard participated in another arranged battle against The 'Mass at St. Paul's Cathedral. However, the Vanguard completely underestimated the monster's brutality that left many of their members either dead or maimed. Its powerful members such as Ace Hart and Crash Brittanus cannot use their nuclear abilities against the monster that would only irradiate London.


Original LineupEdit

Expanded LineupEdit

  • Mr. Muscle
  • Speed Gale
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