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The Zu-Vendis are a people of a lost kingdom in the neighborhood of East Africa. They are characterized by monachial rule and their practice of Sun Worship.

Zu-Vendis - The Sister Queens.jpg

The kingdom was discovered by an aging Allan Quatermain and his companions Sir Henry Curtis, Captain John Good, their asstant Alphonse, and the old Zulu warrior Umslopogaas. When Quatermain and co. found the civilization, it was under the rule of the sister queens, Nyleptha and Sorais.

Their arrival caused great calamity in the kingdom, and it was not long before Curtis and Nyleptha fell in love. When Curtis later refused Sorais, a treacherous civil war was ignited, in which Curtis, Quatermain, and Good served as generals on the side of Nyleptha. Sir Henry Curtis married Nyleptha 8 days before the war officialy began.

At the onset of the war, Alphonse was captured by Sorais and her men. Alphonse overheard a secret plot by Sorais to arrange the murder of Nyleptha by the Zu-Vendis high priests led by Agon, and managed to escape across enemy lines to rejoin Quatermain and Curtis during the Battle of the Pass. Alphonse relayed the murderous plot to his friends, and at sunset, Quatermain and Umslopogaas sped off on horseback in the direction of the kingdom. Their warring travels had taken them at least 100 miles away from the palace, and the secret murder was to take place at dawn. Their flight was successful, and the Queen Nyleptha was saved, but at the cost of Umslopogass' life.

Allan Quatermain was ill for the next 6 months due to a wound to his left chest in the battle. He supposedly passed away in bed, in his cottage on the outskirts of the captial city of the Zu-Vendis. A manuscript of his adventures made its way back to England at the hand of Alphonse, who was the only one from the group to return to Europe.